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Saturday morning group runs with Tri-it.se and ART are a great way to meet likeminded people for an enjoyable long run from Sidsjön carpark (closest totown) at 10:00
It is a great way to increase your weekly mileage for the runmers  and triathlets out there,  in the coming weeks the faster group will start with some tempo running, while the slower group focuses on their long run for the
week and we will be slowly increasing this each week.
We usually split the pack into two groups (depending on numbers). The faster group run at an average 5min-5min20sec per km and the slower group 5min30+
We also include a beginners group where the pack is running below 6min per kilometer and of course the pace is kept together so everyone can keep up.Feel free to come along an enjoy the warmer weather now!

“Training Tip of the week”

For everyone to reach their potential in running, you need to develop numerous key attributes. Such as your endurance base (mileage), maximal aerobic capacity (v02max),threshold, basic speed and also technique.

Your body adapts very well to aerobic training, and if you consistently doing the same distance, speed and of course running the same courses each week. You will
find no matter how long you keep training you will start to plateau. Sound familiar?

So how do you start to see improvements? Start to structuring your week around to include
either hill repeats/intervals, tempo running, recovery runs and of course your weekly long run.

Then each week start increasing your total mileage by 10-12% until you have 4-5 weeks and then plan a recovery week where you drop both the intensity and mileage to around 70-80% of your mileage to allow physiological
adaptions to occur.

Make sure each week you are either increasing the amount of repetitions, or shortening the recovery time between each interval.

Remember consistency is the key!

– Graeme Stone
Denna vecka :
Tisdag 10 april, kl 0630, simma med henrik, simhallen.
Onsdag 11 april, kl 0630, simma med jonas, alnö.
Torsdag 12 april, kl 0630, simma med tommie, simhallen.
Lördag 14 april, kl 1000, löpning med Graeme Stone, sidsjön.
Söndag 15 april, kl 0900, simma med filip, simhallen.

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